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Hui Cha

Hui Cha (Jazz, Hip-Hop) began her dance training in 1990 at the age of 19 with CeCe Farha at Range of Motion Dance Studio. In a matter of five years, she was in Los Angeles working full time as a performing dancer. It took hard work, goal setting, and persistence. Most importantly, it took good teachers and a positive atmosphere. She started teaching hip-hop and lower level jazz classes early on in her career and continued to grow as a teacher as she pursued her performing dream.  Some of her performance credits are:

Batman & Robin - Animal Dancer - Warner Bros. Monifa (video) - Dancer - Spyder Candyman - Dancer - Shonique Mulan Premiere - Minnie Mouse - Disney A Chorus Line - Connie Wong - Casa Manana

Hui Cha has her BA and MFA from the University of Central Oklahoma where she is on faculty. She has a unique personal style of Jazz, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop. As well as teaching at Range of Motion for years, she has been on the teaching staff of the LA based company Groove Street Dance Conventions, National Cheerleaders Association, La Giselle Dance Studio, and Dance for Kids. She has been a guest teacher for University of Central Oklahoma, CSSA (Cal Arts) Summer Dance program, and given Master classes across the US, Japan and Korea.

In addition to dancing, Hui also enjoys choreographing. She has choreographed for Bryan McKnight, the National Cheerleader Association, Oklahoma City Cavalry Dance Troupe, Oklahoma City Junior Blazers, the 1997 California Asian Festival, Culture Shock (Los Angeles) Nike Dance Troupe and several others. She is also sought after for adjudication and coaching. Her knowledge and ability to communicate different styles of dance have made her popular with dance competitions like LADF, Dance Phase, Stage One, Groove Street and many more.

She has successfully initiated several dance programs. She is a founder of the OK-LA Dance Connection workshops and the Founder and Artistic Director of R.A.C.E Dance Company. Hui has established a reputation built on reliability, creativity, positive enforcement and most importantly, fun. She attributes her teaching skills and technique to the two biggest influences of her career, teachers CeCe Farha and Cindera Che. With a strong ballet background, CeCe taught her how important technique was and motivated her to learn to strengthen and articulate her movement. Cindera , whom she met in Los Angeles, her how to communicate effectively in a dance class. With these experiences and several hundred classes from renown teachers around the world, Hui has formulated a system of teaching that is unique, persevering, and improving to the quality of dancers that take her class.