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First Class is Free!


Range of Motion offers an ongoing enrollment throughout the dance year.   We always offer a free class to anyone who is interested in trying a dance class!  


We offer creative movement classes for our very young starting at the age of 2 years old.  Dancers must be ages 3 and older to enroll in our classes that perform in our year end show.  There is a yearly enrollment fee per dancer which is paid  at enrollment. 


Storybook Steps Level (ages 2-5 - Non-Performing Class)

Pre-Dance Level (ages 3-6)

Level 1 (ages 6-8)

Level 2 (ages 7-10)

Level 3 (ages 9-11)

Level 4 (ages 10-12)

Level 5 (ages 11-14)

Level 6 (ages 13-18)

Level 7 (ages 13-18)

Level 8 (ages 13 and up)

Teen Level (ages 11-18)

If you need placement into a level, please email is at,
call us at 405-721-7200,
go to our SignUpGenius to make an appointment, 
or call us at 405-721-7200,
to get information on how to join us for a FREE class!

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