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James Grigsby

James Grigsby is a proud graduate of Range of Motion and considers it his second home. He danced at ROM all through his high school career and continued to be involved teaching classes and choreographing while he attended UCO’s Dance and Musical Theatre programs. After graduating UCO with a bachelor’s degree, he and his wife moved to Florida in 2005, where he taught at several studios in the Orlando area. James is so happy to be back in Oklahoma and teaching where he belongs, Range of Motion! Although he tends to favor Hip Hop, James has a love of all things dance. During the day, he runs the theatre building at Mustang High School, designing and building sets for all of the theatrical productions. When he is not at MHS or ROM, James spends his time with his beautiful wife, Rozz, and two boys, Taylor and Elliott. Lastly, he would just like to say to his mentor and friend CeCe Farha, “I am the dancer, teacher, and person that I am today because of your patience, expectations, and loving friendship. Thank You My Friend!”

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